Lambert High School New Home Buyers

There are many reasons to use Jeff Barnwell as a Buyer’s Agent when purchasing your new Lambert area homesFor Sale.

  • Only a Buyer’s Agent can GUARANTEE to negotiate on your behalf
  • Only a Buyer’s Agent can GUARANTEE to represent you in your real estate purchase
  • A Buyers Agent job is to get their BUYER the lowest price and the best terms
  • Buyers Agents have a legal and ethical obligation to put a buyers interest first
  • A Buyers Agent will help you find the right house at the right price. The listing (or selling) agent can’t do this. They are obligated by license law to represent the best interest of the seller and negotiate the highest price they can for a home

Why would an exclusive Buyer’s Agent negotiate the price down on your behalf when that means less commission for them? It’s simple. A good Buyer’s Agent sells for the future referral business you’ll send their way because of good service.

The listing agent is not going to help unrepresented buyers discover the best price for their clients listing. They can’t. The listing agent has an incentive to get the highest price possible.  In the Atlanta market most “agents” working a builder neighborhoods are actually employees of the builders, just like used car salesmen with a sales manager a phone call away. I negotiate with Atlanta builders every week and understand the tangled web of their contracts. In one example my customer received $31,200.00 in bonuses and price reduction, the unrepresented buyer walking in behind us, $10,500.00. Both customers walk out that afternoon happy to have a new home, my buyers had the better deal.

Because a Buyer’s Agent only represents the buyer in a transaction sellers are always unaware of the price buyers are willing to spend during negotiations, giving the negotiating advantage back to the buyer. For this reason alone, it is not uncommon for a home buyer to save thousands for dollars during the critical negotiation process when they have Buyers Agent Jeff Barnwell representing them.

As your Exclusive Lambert High School Buyers Agent Jeff Barnwell will

  1. Help choose the right lender and counsel you on reasons for getting preapproval before you make an offer on properties in the Atlanta area
  2. Help find a qualified home inspector who will treat you as their own client and not just a customer
  3. Research foreclosures / short sale properties for possible bargains
  4. Explore local Atlanta markets for weaknesses in pricing
  5. Write contracts on viable houses
  6. Share all privileged information regarding the property providing maximum advantage for the buyer
  7. Initiate proven pricing strategies to ensure buyers receives the most house for the least amount of money

The Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement costs you nothing with all commissions being paid at the closing table by the listing broker.

Using Jeff Barnwell’s services through an Exclusive Buyers Agency Agreement costs you nothing; not using my services may cost you a house….

For references from both current and past customers please email

Did You Know? . . .

In the vast majority of real estate transactions, all parties involved, with the exception of the buyer, will unwittingly assist the seller in obtaining the highest possible price.

Questions and Answers about a Buyer’s Agent

Unless you specifically request that an agent represent you as a Buyer’s Agent, all the agents who assist you, will be working for the seller as required by Georgia license law.

“A listing agent or neighborhood agent doesn’t work for you, but for the seller. If you want someone on your side, get a Buyer’s Agent” –Readers Digest

“Retain your own Buyer’s Broker when buying a home” –Consumer Digest –Money Magazine

“Buyer advocacy seems to be taking off. I’ll never buy a house any other way” –Wall Street Journal

“Buyers average a 5% savings when represented by a Buyer’s Agent, rather than a Sales Agent”

Questions and Answer on Buyers Agency

Q: What is a Buyer’s Agent?
A: A Realtor who represents you and your interests EXCLUSIVELY when you are purchasing real estate.

Q: Is it necessary to have a Buyer’s Agent?
A: Not unless you prefer having everyone working in the Seller’s interests

Q: Can’t the Seller’s Agent represent me as well?
A: Yes, that’s called Dual Agency, (prohibited in some states, for good reason). Caution! The Sellers and their agent have had a longer contractual relationship, so can you be sure that the Seller’s Agent is going to negotiate a good deal for you?

Q: What does it cost me to have a Buyer’s Agent represent me?
A: Absolutely nothing! Zero! But I could save you a small fortune!

Q: How does a Buyer’s Agent get compensated?
A: When a seller “lists” his house (puts it on the market), he agrees to pay the listing broker a certain commission. The listing broker, will in turn, list the house in the MLS system and disclose what he/she will pay to any other broker who brings the buyer. Otherwise the listing broker keeps all of the commission if he/she finds a buyer.

Q: Do Buyer’s Agents and Seller’s Agents have the same qualifications and licenses?
A: Yes! They have to sit for the same examinations and continuing education classes and generally belong to the same associations.

Q: Are there any other differences?
A: Not really. Seller’s Agents are typically very good at, and prefer, the marketing challenge of selling a house. Buyer’s Agents are very comfortable with investigative analysis of real estate, and counseling Buyers. Many agents can do both very well.

Q: If a house catches my eye and I want to investigate further, what steps do I need to take?
A: Contact a Buyer’s Agent FIRST, before contacting the Seller’s Agent. This will ensure a smooth transaction for you should you decide to purchase the house.

Q: If I walk into a sales office for a new community being built, can I negotiate a discount because I don’t have a Buyers’ Agent?
A: No. Each builder has contracted to pay a set fee to the marketing company (sales office) on each house sold, irrespective of the number of agents involved (even if you should negotiate directly with the builder, he still has to pay the same fee to the marketing company).

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